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Introduction to Eduroam

Eduroam stands for Education Roaming.

It allows learners and researchers access free internet via Wi-Fi, worldwide.
All staff and students of Lira University have the privilege to enjoy this service.
You can access eduroam today by using your University email address.

In case you do not have your University email address yet, consult the ICT Support Team.

Eduroam is found in different locations nationwide and wordwide, in
Malls, Hotels, Airports, Parks, Universities and Colleges, among others

How to access Eduroam


In order to access Eduroam for the first time on your devices, you are STRICTLY required to have logged into your University Email Account on gmail (mail.google.com).

  • To get started with eduroam on your computer,
  • Look for a wifi network called eduroam and use your University email address and password for the University email to login.


  • Repeat the process until you are connected.
  • Contact the ICT department if you are having trouble connecting to eduroam.
  • Select the Eduroam Network
  • When presented with EAP method, select TTLS
  • When presented with Phase 2 authentication, select PAP
  • When presented with CA certificate, select do not validate
  • Login with the following details:

Username or Identity: University email address
Password: Password for the University email

  • Click Login


  • Repeat the process until you are connected.
METHOD 3 – ANDROID 11 & 12

1. Download and install eduroamCAT app from your mobile play store.

2. After  successful installation of the app,

3. Open the app and follow the instructions below;

4.Click on the back arrow on the top left hand side of the eduroamCAT app

5. Click on the Eduroam link



6. Click on the blue button “Click here to Download your eduroam installer”. You shall need a stable connection to download eduroamCAT.


7. Search for your University name and select it


8. Click on the android blue botton and click continue

9. Click on open link after downloading the University eduroamCAT configuration



10. Allow eduroamCAT to have access


11. Click on “install” button


12. Click Yes to install the profile


13. Type in your University email as Username and University email password as password