How to connect eduroam on your device

There are 2 ways of connecting Eduroam on your devices.

1. Manually using settings on your device which does not need internet

2. Using the Geteduroam app on the Mobile Phone and Using the installer from, which needs an internet connection on your device.


You need to first log into your University Email Account before accessing Eduroam Wifi.


a) Connecting on Android 11 and older versions

  • Go to your mobile phone settings
  • Click on Network and Internet settings
  • Click on Wifi
  • Click on Eduroam WIfi
  • Configure settings according to the picture provided
  • EAP Method with TTLS
  • Phase 2 Authentication provided with PAP
  • CA Certificate provided with Do not Validate
  • Identity as your University Email Address
  • Ignore Anonymous Identity
  • Password is the University Email Password
  • Then Connect

b) Connecting on Windows 10 and 11

  • Go to your WIFI
  • Click on Eduroam
  • Click on Connect
  • Username is your University Email Address
  • Password is the University Email Password

Method 2

This method is for connection of Eduroam on any mobile device.